WORKS CORSA - Passenger Seat Occupancy Weight Sensor Bracket Type 1 - Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ (2022+)



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Made for GR86/BRZ Bride seat rails & seat. (Fixed Back Only)

Started off as an late night talks with wishful thinking that everything will work out with the occupancy error message on the dash, because we all hate Christmas lights on our dash.

This specialized bracket is engineered to securely hold and protect the occupancy sensors originally installed in your factory OE (Toyota / Subaru) Passenger seat. To utilize this bracket effectively, you'll need to remove and uninstall the sensors from your factory OE seat, which are typically attached to the factory rails.

By employing this bracket, you can ensure the proper functioning and integration of the occupancy sensors with aftermarket or Racing seats. This process facilitates the seamless transfer of these sensors to your new seating arrangement, maintaining compatibility with your vehicle's systems.

Sensors not included  (Please remove them from your factory passenger seat)

- Material - Aluminum
- Hardwares Included

Tested with  - Bride Zieg / Zeta + Bride Rails / L-Brackets
- Recaro + Recaro Rails (May need to flip them to fit)
- Recaro + Bride Rails

The Weight Sensor Bracket serves as a solution for aftermarket Racing seats with aftermarket brackets. It is intended to be placed between the Rails / L-Bracket and the Racing Bucket Seats, securely holding the sensors. This setup effectively eliminates the airbag light on the dashboard of your GR86 / BRZ.

It's important to note that this product is not designed to replicate the factory setup of the weight sensors. Instead, its purpose is to bypass the warning mechanism, allowing you to install matching Racing seats in the passenger side for track or circuit use.

By using this bracket, you can enjoy the benefits of Racing seats in your vehicle without triggering warning lights, ensuring a seamless transition for track-oriented driving.