Knowledge Makes Power

A’PEXi was founded in Japan back in 1992. The business launched from team of Japan's top leading engineers and mechanics. They started developing and manufacturing top quality aftermarket exhaust system and upgrade products, leading to now.  With talented engineers and exceeding technology, A’PEXi has made a staple in the import aftermarket industry.

・One of the product that has conquered and standardized is the A’PEXi N1 Muffler system.  A’PEXi N1 Muffler was first of its kind to incorporate the classic angled muffler design with maximized performance that has become familiar with today’s street cars. The concept was born from A’PEXi’s involvement in the grueling N1 endurance series. The N1 is truly the benchmark in which others strive to duplicate.

A’PEXi has also leaded in high performance electronic tuning parts. The Power FC was also one of first of its kind to fully swap out the ECU without backpacking off OEM ECU system. The Power FC was made for specific engine with simplified subsequent settings to tune for ideal performance.

Over the years, A'PEXi had grown from a small tuning parts manufacture to a multi-industry international powerhouse. 2020 marks the 28th year for the A'PEXi group.

Passion for Racing

A’PEXi has also been involved in many race series to prove their engineering.
In 1998 A’PEXi joined the SUPER GT series with the Toyota MR2 under apr (Originally the racing division of A’PEXi, it was abbreviated as "apr" for Apex Racing.) Then the following year apr won their class and switched to Toyota MR-S and partnered with AUTOBACS.

One of the first machines that competed in D1 in 2002 was the Toyota Altezza driven by Mr. Imamura (Youichi Imamura). After the Altezza, We have developed the most iconic drift machine; the A’PEXi Mazda RX-7 FD3S. With driver Mr. Imamura and the RX-7 we were able to make 5 podium and achieved series champion. Following year we recorded 2nd in the series.
Then the RX-7 was shipped to US to compete in the Formula Drift series and turned many enthusiasts heads. The RX-7 is currently at A’PEXi USA as their trophy vehicle.

We also have developed a drag race car with the Honda/Acura Integra. The car has screamed 9.006 at 156.43mph at Sendai Drag Strip during shakedown. When crossing the finish line, combination of the drag strips dip and lack of downforce the vehicle lifted, causing front end of the car getting damaged. The A'PEXi team were able to get the car running and repaired within 2-weeks with minor changes with extreme improvements. Best time the machine made was 8.84 at 161mph. 

The most recent vehicle that competed in the pro-series was the Lexus SC430. The vehicle was equipped with a twin turbo 4.3L V8 engine with many one-off parts to power up the vehicle. It sure did make a scene coming in to a race series with a brand-new car to compete at the time.