KAZAMA AUTO - Air Ram Duct - Toyota GR86 (2022+)



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Carbon Fiber

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The highly sought-after bumper ram air duct featured on the full carbon GR86 that clinched the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon Grand Prix enhances airflow for enhanced cooling. By removing the rain hose that obstructs fresh air intake from the front, this modification effectively boosts cooling performance.

Exclusive to the GR86 model from December 2022 onwards, installation involves custom adjustments to the bumper grill and rain hose for optimal fit and functionality.

** When installing the bumper ram air duct, it's essential to note that modifications are necessary for both the bumper grill and rain hose to ensure proper fit and functionality. These adjustments are crucial for optimizing the cooling efficiency of the GR86 model from December 2022 onwards. **