EL System DECS Tachometer


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Dynamic Electronics Control System Tachometer
Perfect meter for any track car, drift car and old school projects cars!
Tachometer with built-in digital display functions.
Up-to-date multi-function analog Tach meter with digital multi-meter.
  • Brightness adjustable electro luminescent (EL) display
    - A brightness adjustable EL Display is used for uniform panel illumination. panel brightness is easily adjusted.
  • Standard equipped with gear shift light
    - High illumination indicators indicate gear shift points in daylight and night.
  • Equipped with digital temperature/pressure display function
    - Can display oil/water temperatures and oil pressure by using optional sensors. Highly legible light-emitting diodes used for display. 
  • Easy to read high R.P.M. zone
    - The reduced scale in the low R.P.M. zone (0 to 300 r.p.m.) contracts with the magnified high R.P.M. zone (3000 to 11000 r.p.m.) for excellent legibility.
  • Warning memory function
    - The LED indication has two warning modes: Constant and flashing
  • Playback function
    - This function records the movement of the tachometer for the about 30seconds and plays it back on the meter when requested 
  • Peak memory function
    - This function shoes the maximum r.p.m., temperature (TEMP) and oil pressure (PRESS)


* Temperature Range Display: 32°F ~ 302°F / 0°C ~ 150°C
* Pressure range displayed: 0KPa ~ 999KPa

Size  120mm
Color Variation White Panel - 403-A975

WARNING: California Prop 65
Cancer & Reproductive Harm