A'PEXi - Power FC - FC Commander Pro Software (Ver 2.0)

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A'PEXi Power FC Commander PRO Software (Ver 2.0)


Full Computer Control Unit (Ver. 2)
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***NOTE: FC Commander PRO Software can only be used with corresponding Interface Cable Hardware (Part# 415-X910- Ver. 1 Interface Cable) or (Part# 415-X920- Ver. 2 Interface Cable).
*** A’PEXi / Apex Integration is not responsible for any misuse or incorrect tuning with this product. You / you’re tuner is fully responsible for all/any damages to POWER FC and all/any of your properties including vehicle, engine, aftermarket components and etc.. Highly recommend tuning with a PROFESSIONAL tuner that fully understands the POWER FC and the specific vehicle/engine.
Not understanding and not knowing can result in damages to any connected components, that A’PEXi / Apex Integration are not responsible for any loss. If you fail to follow full guidelines, we will NOT assist you and you’re tuner. ***
* The user is solely responsible for the setup and testing of all user-configurable features. A'PEXi USA & A'PEXi Japan is NOT responsible with incorrect tuning and damages to your POWER FC / POWER FC Commander / FC Commander Pro or your vehicle/engine.

For proper tuning and adjustment, it is highly recommended to bring your vehicle with POWER FC to a licensed tuner/mechanic that knows and understands tuning on POWER FC.
Make Power FC Part Number Model Serial No. (PFC) Compatibility
Nissan 414-N001 RB26 NO
414-N002 SR201 NO
414-N003 SR202R NO
414-N003 SR202R NO
414-N004 SR202 NO
414-N005 SR203 NO
414-N006 SR204 NO
414-N007 RB25 NO
414-N008 ER34 NO
414-N009 SR205 NO
414-N010 BNR34 YES
414-N011 GTR33 YES
414-N012 ECR33 YES
414-N013 S141 YES
414-N014 SR2014 YES
414-N015 SR2015 YES
414-N016 SR2016 YES
414-N017 SR2017 YES
414-N018 SR2018 YES
414-N019 SR2D19 YES
414-N020 SR2D20 YES
414-N020 SR2D20 YES
414-N021 SR2D21 YES
414-N023 SR2D23 YES
414-N024 SR2D24 YES
414-N025 BNR34D YES
414-N026 GTR33D YES
414-N028 BNR34 YES
414-N029 GTR33 YES
414-N030 SR141L YES
414-N031 SR141D YES
414-N032 ECR33L YES
414-N033 ER34L YES
414-N034 G33L YES
414-N035 G33D YES
414-N036 G34L YES
414-N037 G34D YES
414-N038 #PS131L YES
414-N038 #PS131L YES
414-N039 #PS131D YES
414-N039 #PS131D YES
414-N040 RPS132L YES
414-N041 RPS132D YES
414-N042 RPS133L YES
414-N043 RPS133D YES
414-N044 S142 YES
414-N045 S15L YES
414-N046 S15D YES
4E14-N32 ECR33D YES
4E14-N33 ER34D YES
Subaru 414-F001 GC8A NO
414-F002 GC8D NO
414-F003 GC8F YES
414-F005 GC8DL YES
Toyota 414-T001 SW20 NO
414-T003 JX100 NO
414-T006 SXE10 YES
414-T007 ZT231 YES
414-T008 ZW30 YES
414-T009 J100A YES
414-T010 SXE10T YES
414-T011 J100M YES
414-T012 ZW30T YES
414-T013 SX10A YES
414-T014 SX10TA YES
4E14-T17 J100D YES
Mazda 414-Z001 FD3S NO
414-Z002 FD3S2 NO
414-Z003 FD3S3 NO
414-Z004 FD3S4 YES
414-Z005 FD3S5 YES
414-Z006 FD3S6 YES
Honda 414-H001 AH01 NO
414-H002 AH02 NO
414-H003 AH03 YES
414-H004 AH04 YES
Mitsubishi 414-M001 CP9A6 YES
414-M002 CP9A5 YES
414-M004 EVO6D YES
414-M005 EVO5D YES
414-M007 CT9A7 YES
414-M008 EVO7D YES