APEXi - N1 Evolution-R Universal Muffler

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Size: Inlet- 3.5 Inch
Inlet- 3.5 Inch
Inlet- 3 Inch
Inlet- 2.5 Inch

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A'PEXi Universal Muffler
N1 Evolution-R 

The A'PEXi N1 Evolution-R Universal Muffler Exhaust offers a cost effective, high performance and versatile choice for enthusiasts who seek style, sound and power. Perfect for those who want to fabricate a unique "one off" exhaust either for a race car or custom street car. As a mark of quality and craftsmanship, all mufflers are constructed from high grade SUS304 stainless steel and are engraved with the A'PEXi insignia on the exhaust tip as well as a number plaque on the canister. Includes muffler hanger band. 100% genuine A'PEXi product.

Made by A'PEX Integration.

Part Number Description Muffler Body Diameter (mm) Muffler Body Length (mm) Inlet Diameter (inch) Inlet Length (mm) Tip Diameter (mm) Tip Length (mm)
156-A101 N1 Evolution-R Muffler (Turbo- 3.5") 160mm 350mm OD- 3.5" 110mm 115mm 120mm
156-A103 N1 Evolution-R Muffler (Turbo- 3") 160mm 350mm OD- 3" 110mm 115mm 120mm
156-A108 N1 Evolution-R Muffler (NA- 2.5") 130mm 300mm OD- 2.5" 110mm 90mm 120mm