A'PEXi - Engine Metal Head Gasket Nissan VR38 - 96mm

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VR38The A'PEXi metal head-gaskets provide upgraded protection on high horsepower engines. Factory head-gaskets cannot withstand the pressures of high output operation and often cause the engine to "blow." This condition is actually caused by a failure in the factory head-gasket. A'PEXi recommends replacing the factory head-gasket with a metal one before gasket failure causes more damage to the engine. The gaskets are all designed engine specific and provide a complete and secure seal.

Bolt-On Yes
Part Number 814-N501 : T=0.8
Engine VR38DETT
Gasket Bore 96mm
Engine Bore Size (mm) 95.5mm (factory)
Gasket Thickness (mm) T=0.8
Compression (Factory Head Gasket)
Compression (A'PEXi Head Gasket) 814-N501 : 
WARNING: California Prop 65
Cancer & Reproductive Harm