APEXi ECV Exhaust Control Valve - Flange Type (Manual)

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Size: Flange Type 67mm
Flange Type 67mm
Flange Type 51mm
Flange Type 61mm
Flange Type 80mm

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The ECV was created as an alternative to the standard silencer typically fitted in the tip of performance exhaust systems to lower the sound decibel output. The ECV (Exhaust Control Valve) is a spring loaded butterfly valve that can be installed to the main piping of an existing exhaust system. The angle of the valve can be modified on the fly from within the cockpit to provide complete control over exhaust decibel output.


  • Can minimize exhaust decibel level output by 10dB (depending on application)
  • Utilizes either a flange or pipe (weld-in) type mechanism that can be easily adapted to any existing exhaust piping
  • Universal