A'PEXi - Auto Timer II Controller

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* Can be hardwired with out harness *
- Easy install with optional harness adapter -

The A'PEXi Auto Timer II offers clean minimalist features to your vehicle.
Providing the Turbo Timer functions without the traditional bulky control units or monitor display for clean setup. Oil cool down is essential to maintaining the life of forced induction vehicles or NA engine setups. This Auto Timer II makes everything easy and easier to support all around for your engine.

3 preset countdown timers that can be simply switched with a push of a button.
Green indicates 30 second timer, Red indicates 60 second timer and Orange indicates an extended 3 minute cooling countdown.

Easy to install and seamless design for your spirited driving vehicles!


Aristo (JZS161) 416-KT01
Altezza - IS300 (SXE10) 416-KT01
Levin Trueno (AE111) 416-KT01
Supra (JZA80) 416-KT01
Starlet (EP91) 416-KT01
Silvia 180SX (S13) 416-KN02
Silvia 200SX (S14 , S15) 416-KN01
Skyline GTS-t (HCR32) 416-KN02
Skyline GTS-t (ECR33,ER34)
Skyline GT-R (BNR32) 416-KN02
Skyline GT-R (BCNR33, BNR34) 416-KN01
Fairlady 300ZX (Z32) 416-KN01
Fairlady 350Z (Z33) 416-KN01
Lancer GSR (CD5A) 416-KM01
Evolution I, II, III 416-KM01
Evolution IV 416-KM01
Evolution V 416-KM01
Evolution VI 416-KM01
Airtrek 416-KM01
Colt 416-KM01
Evolution VII 416-KM02
Evolution VIII 416-KM02
Evolution VIX 416-KM02
Evolution X 416-KM02
Impreza WRX (GC8 :    1992/11~1997/08) 416-KN01
Legacy Sedan (BD5 :    1996/08~1998/05) 416-KN01
Legacy Touring (BG5 : 1993/11~1998/05) 416-KN01
Impreza WRX (GC8 : 1997/09~1998/08) 416-KF01
- SF5 : 1997/02~2002/01
- SG5 : 2002/02~ 
- SG9 : 2004/02~
Legacy Touring (BH5 : 1998/06~2003/04) 416-KF01
Legacy B4 (BE5 : 1998/06~2003/04) 416-KF01
Impreza WRX
- GC8 : 1998/09~2000/09
- GDA / GDB :  2000/10~
Legacy Touring (BP5) : 2003/05~2006/04  416-KF03
Legacy B4 (BL5)    : 2003/05~2006/04  416-KF03
Impreza WRX (GRB) : 2010/01~ 416-KF04
Forester (SH5) : 2007/12~ 416-KF04
Legacy Touring (BP5) : 2006/05~2007/04 416-KF04
Legacy B4 (BL5) : 2006/05~2007/04 416-KF04