A'PEXi Active Tail Silencer

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Size: 115mm

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The Active Tail Silencer (ATS) is the most effective way to lower sound output caused by a straight through racing exhaust system. The use of silencer has also been shown to actually increase mid-range torque in some vehicles. The ATS is equipped with an exhaust pressure sensitive spring-loaded valve that automatically opens and closes based on the point of exhaust pressure. This allows more exhaust flow under acceleration and high-rpm meanwhile maintaining lower sound levels at lower RPM.

Part Number 155-A025 - 115mm
155-A026 - 90mm
Compatible Fitment
- N1 (Universal & Catback)
- N1 Evolution
- N1 Evo-R
- GT-Spec
Tip Diameter 155-A025 - OD- 115mm (ID- 109.8mm)
155-A026 - OD- 90mm (ID- 86.5mm)
Tip Depth 155-A025 - At Least 87mm
155-A026 - At Least 91mm
Other aftermarket N1 inspired exhaust systems may fit as long as diameter is same at 90mm or 115mm option.
Also adapters for 100mm & 115mm are compatible:
- 155-A027: 120mm
- 155-A028: 100mm
***Not Compatible with N1-X (N1 Evolution Extreme) Muffler Tips
⚠️ WARNING: California Prop 65
Cancer & Reproductive Harm