TOM'S Racing - Wide Rear View Mirror [Type 1.0]

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A frameless type mirror that can be easily attached to the genuine rearview mirror with one touch without tools or hard-install.
A blue coating is used to reduce the reflection of light on the surface mirror that ensures a clear view. The field of view area is up to about 1.4 times wider than mass production. The radius of curvature of the mirrors is 3000SR, which reduces parallax with the side mirrors and realizes a wide field of view and a natural sense of distance. TOM'S logo in the upper center.

***NOTE: Please confirm your OEM Factory equipped mirror with the following numbers: (located on the mirror back housing cover)

①ECC certification number (I E11 048368)
②Manufacturer number (GNTX-1427)

***Vehicle Application Table below is referenced from Japan models. Not all USA Models listed may be equipped with compatible OEM Rear View Mirror.

OEM Part Number ①ECC certification number ②Manufacturer number Vehicle Model Chassis Code Year
87810-0WS30 I E11 048368 GNTX 1427 Corolla/Corolla Touring/C-HR NRE210/ZRE212/ZWE21# 2019. 08~
87810-0WS30 Corolla Sport (Hatchback) / Corolla Cross NRE21#/ZWE213/ZWE211 2018. 06.~2020. 05
87810-0WS30 Crown/Crown Hybrid ARS220/AZSH2#/GWS224 2018. 06~2022. 04
87810-0WS30 Prius / Prius Prime 2ZRFXE / 2ZRFXE / ZVW50L-AHXEBA 2018-2022
87810-0WS30 RAV4 / RAV4 Prime A25AFKS / A25AFXS / A25AFKS / A25AFXS / AXAA52L-ANZMB 2018-2022
87810-0WS30 Venza A25AFXS / A25AFXS / AXUH85L 2021-2022
87810-0WS30 Land Cruiser Prado GDJ150/GDJ151/TRJ150 2017. 08~
87810-0WS40 Land Cruiser 200
URJ201/URJ202 2015. 08~2021. 04
87810-0WS30 Lexus IS200T/250/300h/300/350 ASE30/AVE3#/GSE31 2020. 09~
87810-0WS40 Lexus CT200h ZWA10 2017. 08~2020. 08
87810-0WS40 Lexus NX250/350H/350/450h AAZA2#/AAZH2#/TAZA25 2021. 11~2023. 03
87810-0WS40 Lexus UX200/250h/300 MZAA10/MZAH1#/KMA10 2018. 10~2022. 07
87810-0WS40 Lexus RX200t/300/450h/450hL AGL2#/GYL2#/GYL26 2015. 09~
87810-0WS40 Lexus LX570 URJ201/URJ202 2015. 09~
87810-0WS70 Lexus LC500 Convertible URZ100 2020. 07~