A'PEXi - EXV Rear Lower Control Arm (Bushing) - Honda Civic (EF / EG) / Acura Integra (DA / DC2)



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EXV Rear Lower Control Arm (Bushing)

Product Overview:
A'PEXi N1 EXV Suspension components provide an increased range of adjustability over their stock counterparts, incorporating performance advantages in the areas of precision, rigidity, strength, articulation and built-in geometry correction. Whether you are looking to replace worn out parts on a restoration project, seeking proper wheel/tire alignment on a street car or creating a purpose built machine for competition use, A'PEXi N1 EXV suspension products will put you on the right track, and keep your trajectory true to meet your goal.

Pillow-ball (Spherical Bearing) Equipped Arms:
Pillow-ball (spherical bearing) suspension arms are intended for use on applications where precision movement is prioritized above all else. Pillow-ball equipped components are geared towards motorsport performance use and track inspired vehicles that require increased suspension movement to maximize vehicle handling by achieving desired alignment settings. As a result, the pillow-ball design allows for faster rotation of the necessary parts to provide more accurate feedback and response.

Hardened Rubber Bushing Equipped Components:
Suspension arms equipped with rubber bushings are intended for use on applications where an increased adjustment range is desired while preserving as much comfort as possible. The hardened rubber bushing components minimizes deflection under load better preserving alignment settings, isolation from noise, vibration, and harshness increasing its life span over its stock counterpart. Similar to OEM construction and configuration, it is the preferred choice over pillow-ball bushings as it offers the best of both worlds: performance and comfort.

Part Number 270KHR20-HR
Year EF : 1988~1991
EG: 1992~1995
DA : 1990~1993
DC2 : 1994~2001
Honda / Acura
Model Civic
Chassis Code - EF
- EG
- DA
- DC2
Suspension Type
EXV Rear Lower Control Arm 
Bushing Type Hardened Rubber
** Off-Road USE only **
WARNING: California Prop 65
Cancer & Reproductive Harm